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Nayoro’s Four Seasons


Spring comes late to Nayoro. Patches of snow can still be seen here and there until the middle of April.
By the end of April all the snow has disappeared. The woodland trees burst into bud, and the fields and rice paddies hum with the sound of agricultural work.
In the mountains Ezo wild cherry trees, and in towns and villages moss pink come into bloom, signaling the end of the long winter and the long-awaited return of spring.
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In June the mountains are covered with the dazzling green of fresh verdure.
Nayoro’s short summer season starts around the middle of July.
Since Nayoro is located in a basin, temperatures above 30°C are not uncommon in August. Rice and other crops flourish in the hot summer sun.
In the city itself, sunflowers are everywhere in bloom, and residents enjoy the short summer to the fullest.
Lush greenery covers the city, and a refreshing atmosphere graces the northland.
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Once September has passed, there is a sharp drop in morning and evening temperatures. The mountain trees gradually begin turning red and gold, and animals and people as well as plants start preparing for the coming of winter.
The ears of rice droop heavily, and the paddies at this time of year become veritable “carpets of gold” for all to enjoy. The harvest gets underway here in Japan’s top glutinous rice producing area. With other famous crops such as potatoes and pumpkins to be gathered as well, farmers remain busy far into the night.
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With the coming of November, the colorful autumn leaves vanish, and the end of the month brings the first snowfall.
In December the snow starts piling up, and Nayoro’s long winter begins. In January and February, temperatures drop to near 30° below zero, as ice and snow cover the landscape, transforming it into a winter wonderland.
The citizens of Nayoro are able to enjoy the cold and the snow by engaging in various winter sports and holding events such as the Snow Festival.
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