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The Bounty of the Northland

Green Asparagus and Glutinous Rice

Since the lower average temperatures in Nayoro mean fewer insect pests, farmers here have developed their own method of agriculture that relies on as few pesticides as possible, one that enables them to grow “safe food you can be sure of”.
All day long asparagus soaks up the sunshine until the temperatures plunge at night. The repetition of this process heightens the sweetness of the asparagus, which is renowned for being “thick, soft and sweet”. Nayoro’s glutinous rice is distinguished by its quality of being able to stay soft and moist for a long time, and is used to make the famous Akafuku rice cakes of Ise Shrine. Nayoro has the highest acreage of both asparagus and glutinous rice under cultivation in all of Japan.
Special silos using the snow from winter to maintain cool temperatures even at the height of summer keep the rice fresh all year round, as if it had just been harvested.
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Potatoes and Pumpkins

Potatoes and pumpkins are other noted products of Nayoro, and the area of land devoted to their cultivation ranks among the top in Japan.
Nayoro potatoes are often used in Calbee brand potato chips. The pumpkins have a sweet flavor and a light, dry texture thanks to the wide gap between daytime and nighttime temperatures. 軟。
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